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Life is defined by the distinctions and choices you make.

Seeking first to understand is a great habit to develop. Often our automatic, reactive way of listening and responding to information and communications can be limiting. Our perspectives, opinions, and experiences shape the lens we see the world. By exploring different perspectives or learning something that you didn’t know is how we gain insights to making better choices in life, particularly around wellness.


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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

-Albert Einstein

It's all about the why

Why Distinctly Well?

Throughout Leo’s career working as an organizational, culture and leadership consultant and then pioneering a new wellness modality and building an entrepreneurial business with SALT Chamber, you learn lessons. You gain insight from so many other thought leaders in diverse industries and areas of wellness.

"Distinctly Well" is an engaging video podcast that inquiries into the nature or essence about certain areas of wellness and what it means to be and live well. This is dialogue, a candid conversation, that provides great banter and insights into the distinctions of wellness and wellbeing.


Being a “Distinctioneer”

Leo Tonkin, the Founder and CEO of SALT Chamber combines his 30+ year background in leadership, culture and strategy consulting with more than a decade’s experience in the wellness industry, to distinguish the transformative trends influencing our ‘well-being’ and living a life ‘well lived’. Leo shares insights gleaned from collaborations with leading experts as Board Chair of the Salt Therapy Association and Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Respiratory Wellness Initiative. He presents and speaks at Cryotherapy, Floatation & Biohacking Conferences, as well as participates with the fitness, resorts and hospitality, day and med spa, and other sectors of the global wellness industry.

"Distinctly Well" explores and deepens our understanding of the latest trends and innovations that add years to life and life to years. His experience as a recent cancer survivor brings a unique perspective and deep passion to his latest endeavor.

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Residential Salt Rooms


January 18, 20242 min read

SALT Chamber, the pioneer and leader in custom salt room concepts and experiences, is partnering with apartment complexes, condominiums, and luxury residences to design and install next-generation salt rooms. Salt rooms have become the “go-to” wellness modality for residential spas for developing a competitive advantage while improving residents’ respiratory health.

Dry salt therapy is an ideal wellness service for a new type of spa-goer focused on individualized programming and a healthy lifestyle, helping to cleanse the respiratory system, improve lung function, boost the immune system, and enhance mental wellness.

Wendy Bosalavage, President and Chief Revenue Officer of LIVunLtd, is working with SALT Chamber to design salt rooms in many of the 60 luxury residences in New York City.

“Salt rooms have become the new ‘must-have’,” said Bosalavage. “Developers recognize how important it is to have the amenities that increase the value per square foot in either a rental or condominium environment.”

Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a luxury residence that has a spa with two salt rooms, one for men and one for women.

“Our salt rooms have been hugely popular. Residents of luxury buildings want tools for healthy living at their fingertips,” says Spa Director Linda Higgs. “People want to live in a place where they don’t have to leave home to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is truer than ever post-Covid.”

Solaia, a 70-unit boutique, luxury, high-rise condominium project overlooking the Hudson River in North Bergen, New Jersey, spared no expense with their beautiful salt room. Residents can enjoy 10-, 15-, or 30-minute salt therapy sessions as part of their wellness circuit.

“We were looking to add something unique at Solaia, and salt therapy fit in perfectly because it’s so user-friendly,” said Dyllan Mont, Special Projects and Finishes Manager for Skyline Development Group. “Residents run the programs unattended. It’s a great use of square footage that creates a lifestyle experience—something people are using regularly and reaping the health benefits. Every single person that has used the salt room has said to me that they are breathing so much deeper and it’s crazy how much of an effect it really does have. We are definitely looking to do salt rooms in future residential projects.”

To learn more about adding a salt room to your next project, click here or call 561-556-3322.

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