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January 21, 20242 min read

The Waldorf Astoria Resort Expands Wellness Offerings with Unique Multipurpose Standalone Salt Room Experience as the Centerpiece of the Spa’s Sol Garden

Boca Raton, FL (Feb. 16, 2023). SALT Chamberthe pioneer and leader in custom salt room concepts, is pleased to announce a flagship salt room at the Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. The salt room is the finishing touch of Tierra Luna Spa’s Sol Garden. Dry salt therapy is an ideal wellness service for a new type of spa-goer focused on individualized programming and a healthy lifestyle, helping to cleanse the respiratory system, improve skin conditions, boost the immune system, and enhance mental wellness.

“Arizona Biltmore is the first standalone salt room in a resort to be designed, built, and installed from the ground up. It is surrounded by a natural oasis that sets it apart as an immersion wellness experience that entices all the senses,” says SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin. “Collaboration on bespoke projects that bring our client’s vision to life is our specialty.”


The standalone salt room at Tierra Luna Spa is another first for SALT Chamber. The company has pioneered dry salt therapy in North America with more than 1,400 SALT Booth® and salt room concepts. 

“Our new outdoor salt room has been very well received. The holistic approach to wellness is something that guests are searching for. The salt room has become the heart of our Sol Garden and prepares guests for their cosmic journey through Tierra Luna Spa,” Becky Leuluai, Senior Director of Spa and Retail at Tierra Luna Spa.

Spa manager Liz Runyon echoes Leuluai’s positive feedback and adds that the salt room has become a sanctuary for staff renewal and recovery:

“This has been such a great addition to our facility, not only for our customers but for staff as well. We see and experience the benefits daily. When any staff member has a little cough or congestion, they experience the salt room and see results the same day. From the décor ambiance to the music and the breathwork, our customers are extremely pleased with their experiences. SALT Chamber has been such a great partner through this process, especially with the training of our team.”

Guests can find the meditative salt room within Tierra Luna Spa’s outdoor space, the Sol Garden. Complementing Tierra Luna Spa’s distinct treatment menu, the Sol Garden is a highly transformative outdoor space surrounded by desert landscaping, ethereal mountain views, and ocotillo coves, alongside a cold plunge pool, hot tub, outdoor rain shower, and well bar. With multiple proven health benefits, salt therapy takes relaxation to the next level for a total wellness immersion experience.

“We are getting more requests from resorts for bespoke salt rooms and concepts that move the salt room from the spa to a standalone wellness concept. Arizona Biltmore’s development partner BRE Hotels & Resorts has other projects in development where salt rooms make sense,” adds Tonkin.

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